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How to fix Cash App's "Session Error Domain 429"

Patience is not only a virtue here, but most likely the solution.

Published onSeptember 20, 2023

Ah, app developers — we wouldn’t even have this site without them, but they seem to forget that we need practical information when something goes wrong. Few error messages are going to be more cryptic than Cash App‘s “Session Error Domain 429,” which doesn’t have anything to do with money or making payments. So what does it actually mean, and how can you solve it?


There's no direct way of fixing Cash App's 429 error, but it may go away if you wait a few minutes. Check the company's service status page for any outages.


What does “Session Error Domain 429” mean in Cash App?

The answer to this is buried in Cash’s developer guide, rather than somewhere the public is meant to look. In short, though, a 429 error probably means your app is making too many server requests too quickly. This might be of your doing, but it could also hint at issues on Cash’s end — it’s possible that the company’s servers are down or having a hard time coping with current internet traffic.

How to fix Cash App Session Error Domain 429

There aren’t any fully, 100 percent reliable solutions to the 429 error, but there are a few tactics you can try.

  • Wait a few minutes and try your last action again. This is what you’ll have to do in the vast majority of cases. If you’ve already waited, or you’re pretty sure it’s not your fault, check Cash’s feature status page. If one or more items isn’t green, keep refreshing the page periodically until everything is a go. That could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how severe server issues are.
  • Clear Cash App’s cache and/or reboot your phone. This is unlikely to help, but it also can’t hurt. It could be that a bug is misreporting the situation. Clearing an app cache is easy on Android. On iOS, the closest you can come is force-quitting an app and restarting.
  • Contact Cash App support. Even if they can’t remedy the problem, they might have an explanation. In the app, tap your profile icon, then Support > Start a Chat. If that’s not available (for what might be obvious reasons), your best bet is probably social media such as X, Reddit, or Facebook. There’s even a phone support line, but you’ll put more pressure on Cash via their socials.

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