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How to create a Gmail account for a child

Keep your child safe and manage their online presence.

Published onMay 4, 2023

The internet of today is very different from the internet of yesteryear, and as a parent, you should take your child’s online safety very seriously. Thankfully, Google makes it easy to create a Gmail account for your child and manage it by creating filters for search, apps, and more. Here’s how to get started.


There are a few ways to create a Gmail account for your child, but they all follow the same basic steps. You create a Google account, which is linked to a parent's Google account, and then you can manage it via the Family Link app.


How to create a Gmail account for your child on the Google website

Perhaps the most comfortable way to create a Gmail account for your child is via the web. Google makes this quick and easy.

Create Google account page

First, navigate to the Google account setup page. Then, enter your child’s details, like their name, desired email address, and password. Once finished, click Next.

Create Google account second page

On the second screen, enter your child’s birthday and gender. You can enter your phone and a recovery email address if you’d like, but this is optional. Click Next to continue.

Create Google setup parent email

Google automatically detects that the user is a minor, so you’ll now be prompted to enter the parent’s email address or phone number. Enter your info and click Next.

Create child gmail agree

Now, Google will show some info about what it means for your child to have an account. Essentially, it’s both a warning that they will have access to services not explicitly created for children (like search and email), and a reminder that Google will collect some basic data about their use of the internet. Take a moment to review the information, then tick the two checkboxes at the bottom and click Agree.

You will now need to enter the parent email password (even if you’re already logged in) to confirm that it’s actually you. After you sign in, Google will show a few more details about how you can manage a child’s account (more on this in a section below). Click Next when you’re ready to continue.

Child personalization settings

After that, you’ll have an opportunity to personalize the content your child will see online. If you’re short on time, you can choose Express personalization. Manual personalization takes you through four steps to choose how long their search and YouTube history is saved, and whether or not the child can access their personalization settings. These settings can be changed later in the Family Link app. Click Next when you’re finished.

Child privacy agreement

Next up is a privacy reminder. Review the information and click Agree.

After that, Google will create the Gmail account for your child, and you will receive a confirmation email in your main inbox. If you have the Family Link app installed, the new account will automatically be added.

How to create a Gmail account for a child by using the Family Link app

Google Family Link Google Play
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The Family Link app is a mobile app that allows you to manage your child’s Gmail account and web usage, but it can also be used to create a Gmail account for your child. It’s very similar to the steps above, but here’s what you need to do.

Download the Family Link app if you don’t already have it. You can find it in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store under Google Family Link. Once you have it open, choose your main account and click Continue.

Create child email Family Link

With the app open, tap the three lines in the top right to open the menu. Then, tap Add child. The app will ask if your child already has a Google account. Tap No, then proceed through the same steps outlined above to setup the account.

The only difference (aside from the device you’re using) is that the app may require you to enter your phone number. Once finished, you will receive a confirmation email, and the child’s account will show up in your Family Link app.

How to monitor your child’s Gmail account

Google Family Link Home Page

Now that you know how to create a Gmail account for your child, you should know how to manage it. You can adjust some settings on the web, but the easiest way to do this is via the Family Link app. If you’ve followed the steps above, you already have the app installed. If not, download it and log in to the parent account to see and manage the child accounts you’ve set up.

We have a full guide for how to use the Family Link app, which allows you to set content restrictions for search, YouTube, and others, plus monitor the devices where your child has logged in. There are even options to see your child’s current location on a map.

To monitor your child’s Gmail, you can simply log into their account from any browser or mobile device. You will be able to see their entire inbox.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are a few other unique features to a child’s Gmail address. For example, no ads will be displayed at the top of the page, and spam will automatically be deleted. They’re also not able to use Gmail offline. Still, they do get core Gmail features and can experience the joys of having an official online presence of their very own.

To learn more, check out our guide to Android parental controls, as well as a longer list of parental control apps to better manage your child’s device usage.

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