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How to copy a playlist on Spotify

Creating copies of Spotify playlists is easier than ever.
September 1, 2023

If you’re listening to someone else’s Spotify playlist but wish a certain song was included or gone, there’s no way to change that directly unless a playlist is collaborative. As a workaround, you can copy all of the songs into a new playlist of your own. Here’s how to copy any playlist on Spotify.


To copy a Spotify playlist:

  • In the desktop app, navigate to the playlist you want to copy and click to select a song. Hit Ctrl + A to highlight all songs, right-click on the list, and hover your cursor over Add to playlist. Click Create playlist.
  • On Android and iOS, go to the playlist, tap , and then Add to other playlist. To create a copy of that playlist, select the green New Playlist button at the top.


The ability to copy playlists is invaluable when it comes to moving around your favorite songs. Say, for example, you’re being added to a Family plan and have to start using a different account. The new account won’t have all your saved Likes or playlists. If you make your old account’s playlists public, you can copy those playlists to a new one on your Family account. The same thing goes for Liked songs.

How to make a copy of a Spotify playlist (desktop)

Open the Spotify desktop app and go to the playlist you want to copy.

Duplicate Spotify Playlist Desktop 1
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

In that playlist, click on a song, then hit Ctrl + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) on your keyboard to highlight all of the songs in that playlist.

Duplicate Spotify Playlist Desktop 2
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Right-click anywhere on the highlighted songs and hover your cursor over Add to playlist. From the extended menu, click Create playlist to make a fresh copy. You’ll probably want to rename it for clarity’s sake.

Duplicate Spotify Playlist Desktop 3
Curtis Joe / Android Authority
Note: this “Add to new playlist” button has recently been replaced with “Create playlist.”

How to make a copy of a Spotify playlist (Android and iOS)

In the Spotify mobile app, go to the playlist that you want to copy. Tap the icon underneath the title of the playlist, then Add to other playlist.

add to other playlist
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

On the next page, tap the New Playlist button at the very top. This will allow you to create a copy.

add to new playlist
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You should be able to. Doublecheck that you’re following the desktop or mobile instructions above.