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What is the Spotify Premium Family plan?

Find out if Premium Family is worth it for you.

Published onApril 18, 2024

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Spotify offers a variety of subscription packages aimed at different markets. As well as offering a student discount or a Supremium plan, Spotify has a subscription package specifically for families. You can consider canceling the individual Spotify Premium plans and switching to the more affordable Spotify Premium Family package. Let’s explore what the Spotify Premium Family package offers and how to get started.


Spotify Premium Family is a package that bundles up to six Premium accounts. It costs $16.99 per month, and includes a few extra features, like a separate Spotify Kids app and the ability to block "explicit" music.  One person creates the account and adds and manages up to five other people from there.


What is Spotify Premium Family?

Spotify playlsit recomendations
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The standard version of Spotify Premium unlocks ad-free, on-demand listening without shuffling, as well as some other important perks, like unlimited skips and caching playlists for offline listening.

Typically, one Premium subscription costs $10.99 per month. This is known as the Individual tier. Beyond that and the Student and Family plans, there’s also a Duo option aimed at couples.

Spotify Premium Family kids banner
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

Family bundles up to six separate Premium accounts for people living together. That means that no one has to share a password, and everyone gets separate playlists, histories, and recommendations. Perhaps even more importantly, listening will no longer kick off another user unless it’s signed into the same profile. You won’t suddenly hear Baby Shark when you normally listen to Behemoth and A Winged Victory for the Sullen, in other words.

Unique to Family is a separate app, Spotify Kids. Its content is specifically curated for young children, and as you might expect, that omits any “explicit” music on the service. The user controlling a Family plan can block explicit content outright for specific users.

The person who first signs up Family acts as the plan’s manager. Once it’s active, secondary Premium accounts are added from there.

How much does Spotify Premium Family cost?

On their own, six Spotify Premium subscriptions would cost over $65 per month. The Premium Family plan cuts that down to just $16.99.

This is Spotify’s best deal if it applies to you, but it’s not unrivaled. Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, and Pandora offer similar discounts, and a YouTube Premium family plan is just $22.99 per month, bundling both ad-free YouTube videos and YouTube Music. Spotify is more popular and widely supported than YouTube Music. For example, you can’t ask Amazon Alexa speakers to play songs from YouTube.

How to add new members to Spotify Premium Family

Adding new members to your Family plan is simple. However, you must be the “plan manager,” meaning the person who started the subscription and (presumably) paid for it.

  • Click on your profile icon and select Set up your Family Plan.
  • You’ll be prompted to insert your address. This address will be used to check if the people you invite later live under the same roof as you.
  • Copy the invitation link and send it to your members.

After sending the invitation, you’ll have to wait for them to respond. Once they accept, their accounts’ display names and avatars will replace open slots.

How to accept the Premium Family invitation

  • Once you access the invitation link sent by the plan manager, you’ll be directed to the Spotify page.
  • Click on Accept invite.
  • After signing in, press Yes, continue to confirm the account.
  • Enter your address in the provided box. Ensure this address matches the one the plan manager entered.
  • Confirm your address.

How to take control of the Spotify Premium Family as a plan manager

  • Click on the member account you want to take control of.
  • To enable the Explicit Content Filter, select the member and toggle it on.
  • To remove a user, select the user and click Remove from plan.

Apple Music Family plan vs Spotify Premium Family

Apple Music home screen
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Apple charges the exact same amount ($16.99) and likewise supports up to six people. There’s no separate kids app, but there is Apple Music Classical if you want to make it easier to find your favorite recordings of Wagner or Ligeti. You’ll also have access to lossless audio and Dolby Atmos for tracks mastered in those formats, both of which are things Spotify is (currently) missing.

While Apple Music supports a variety of platforms, including Android, it only really makes sense in a household centered around Apple devices. Some features are reserved for those devices, taking advantage of the company’s tight (and walled) ecosystem integration. People also tend to prefer Spotify’s playlist selections, though Apple is gradually improving content.

Is Spotify Premium Family worth it?

Spotify Premium Family part of the plan
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

If you live with two or more fellow music fans but only one person is paying the bill, Premium Family is almost a no-brainer. We say “almost” simply because you might be just fine sharing Individual or Duo Spotify accounts, and there’s no sense in spending extra money if you don’t need to.

There’s also the issue of device compatibility. If your home is full of Google Nest speakers, displays, and/or Chromecasts, YouTube Premium could easily make more sense for because it combines YouTube Music and ad-free video. If you use HomePods, Spotify is only supported on them by way of AirPlay, which means no voice control. In that scenario, you’d probably want Apple Music.


Subscribing to the Spotify Premium Family plan requires you to verify your home address “from time to time.” This can be done through enabling location services for Spotify in settings, or providing a home address using Google Maps.

Yes, Spotify periodically verifies that everyone on your Spotify Premium Family plan lives at the same address. This information is encrypted and not used by Spotify for advertising or internal use. After home address verification, location data isn’t stored or tracked.

Yes. One Spotify account starts the Spotify Premium Family plan, and up to five additional users can join. If an account wants to join, but they are already subscribed to their own Spotify Premium plan, they must cancel their Spotify Premium plan before joining the Spotify Premium Family plan.

Canceling Spotify Premium (any plan) is done like this: first, head to the account details section of the desktop or mobile app. Then, find the Plans section, and select Cancel Premium.

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