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How much storage does Genshin Impact take up?

It's going to be a tight fit on mobile devices.

Published onDecember 22, 2023

GameSir X3 controller with Genshin Impact
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

While Genshin Impact might be both free-to-play and one of the most popular action RPGs, there’s another factor to consider before joining the online ranks: how much local storage it consumes. That applies whether you’re on Android, PlayStation, PC, or an iPhone or iPad.


Here's how much storage Genshin Impact demands on each platform:

  • The PC version requires upwards of 100GB.
  • The PlayStation version requires at least 70.65GB.
  • The Android and iPhone/iPad versions each take up nearly 46GB.


How much storage does Genshin Impact take up?

open genshin impact on pc
Curtis Joe / Android Authority

That depends on your hardware. The PC and PlayStation versions are by far the biggest, since they require higher-quality media assets than the Android and iPhone/iPad versions. Here’s a quick summary for each platform:

  • The PC version requires upwards of 100GB, according to the Epic Games Store. While miHoYo once stated that you only need about 40GB, recent content updates have changed that. Epic recommends having 150GB free.
  • The PlayStation version (for PS4 or PS5) requires at least 70.65GB. Realistically, this will probably be more with the latest updates.
  • The Android and iPhone/iPad versions each take up close to 46GB, making them larger than the vast majority of mobile games. As with other Genshin releases, expanded content is to blame.

What to do if you don’t have enough storage to install Genshin Impact

grapheneos uninstall play store dialog
Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority

The obvious answer is to clear up more space, but the best ways of doing that vary. On a PC, for instance, you should focus on uninstalling any games you haven’t played in months or years, or on deleting movies and TV shows you’re never going to watch again. With games, instructions are going to vary based on how you installed them. Storefronts like Steam, Epic, and GOG make the process relatively effortless.

Similar principles apply on PlayStation, though since any digital purchases are going to come through the PlayStation Store, managing PS5 or PS4 storage is more consistent. Check out our linked guides for detailed info.

It’s Android, iPhone, and iPad players that probably need the most help. Smartphones and tablets tend to have little storage to start with, much of it occupied by essential apps, photos, and videos. We’re not going to lie — an extra 46GB is going to be too much for a lot of people. If you want to maximize what storage you do have, however, follow our guides on freeing space for Android devices and clearing up iPhone storage.

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