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We asked, you told us: How does Samsung's next Galaxy solve for X?

This week's poll leaned on you to help Samsung figure out their next Galaxy S flagship model branding. S10? S X? S .... Bixby?

Published onAugust 25, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S9.
Samsung has managed to touch the double-digit mark on their next Galaxy S flagship, with the next Galaxy S joining Apple at the magic ten figure. But is it 10, or X?

How Samsung handle the branding for both the next S and the Galaxy Note will be intriguing for Samsung fans. The S line should have the answer for us in early 2019 but until then, it’s kinda fun to just speculate on what might be.

Of course, we all know that Apple for whatever reason jumped from 8 to 10 but decided to go to Roman numerals with an ‘X’. Even though you still just say “Apple ten“. Anyone who calls the Tesla Model X the “Telsa Model ten” receives our sympathy for being caught up in marketing hell.

Anyway, we do know Samsung will have another new flagship next year, and we do know they’re being faced with a problem in getting the branding just right.

So this week we asked, will Samsung go down the X route, stick with the logical 9 to 10 progression, or something else? We had a little fun with it, and here’s how just shy of 50,000 of you voted on our poll across our websiteYouTube

">Twitter, and on Facebook.

What should Samsung call the next Galaxy S flagship?

It’s a comfortable win for the S10, easily beating out the ‘SX’ in all polls. For the polls with more options., there were a few votes for the Galaxy S (2019) suggesting the yearly branding style might work. The joke answer got a few nods from those who enjoyed the poke at LG 0 but surely Samsung would call it an S10 Plus Bixby though… right team? Team?

What you said

Anyway, the comments were short and sharp this week. Many of you pointed out that a Galaxy SX sounds a very great deal like s*x. Which is very funny!! And probably the leading reason Samsung won’t go there. But you guys did have some fun with it in the various comments. Stay humorous, my friends.

Here’s just some of what you did say:

  • Galaxy S would be best. It’s like resetting the clock after 10 years.
  • Samsung Galaxy T1. Every 10 devices you move up a letter
  • They could even call it the Galaxy X
  • Galaxy X and start the new decade with a new letter. XI as 11, XII as 12 and so on
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 DeX
  • Get rid of the letters get rid of the numbers just call it the Samsung Next, or Samsung Ultimate.
  • If it’s a normal phone: Galaxy S10. If it’s a weird floppy screen you can fold in half or wrap around your wrist, Galaxy X.
  • Samsung Galaxy SX 10 Plus ThinQ Bixby Special Edition (2019)

Based on this, we strongly expect Samsung to be offering some of you jobs in their marketing department. Update that CV, people!

Feel free to talk about this or anything you like in the comments. Until next week!


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