What is Stories of Bethem?

Stories of Bethem is a Zelda-style adventure game where you must play as an adventurer named Khorma who is looking for the Red Witch to help him defeat the Blue Witch. It’s an adventure game with a few RPG elements and retro graphics. It’s currently free in the Google Play Store.

The game is an adventure title with a linear story line and a lot of stuff to do. As mentioned, you play as Khorma and your end goal is to defeat the Blue Witch to lift the curse on your father. Your main attacks are magic spells and you can also use them to alter the environment around you. You’ll have to solve puzzles and fight bad guys. All in all, it’s a fairly typical game in this genre in terms of mechanics. As you progress you’ll gain new spells and find vast amounts of treasures.

It also features things like side quests and a host of NPCs to help you along the way. The retro graphics are charming and comfortably familiar and the game mechanics are easy to learn. As you can expect, things get more challenging as you progress and that includes the puzzles and bad guy fights.

stories of bethem

A comfortably familiar kind of adventure.


A 10-hour, story driven game that, despite its use of typical game elements, is actually a refreshing change from today's tap-to-play-then-wait games.
Familiar mechanics and graphics make this game easy to get into. There's almost no learning curve.
Totally free with no in app purchases.
It also requires no permissions to run.
Choice of on-screen buttons and swipe controls.


Aside from opinions against this style of game (retro, adventure, etc), there is pretty much nothing wrong with this title.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you’re into old school adventure games that resemble Legend of Zelda in graphics and mechanics then you could probably get into the game. It features 10 hours (approximate) of game play which is a pretty decent amount and it’s a story driven game so there’s no time waster, tap-to-play-then-wait-forever stuff. It’s also totally free so why not try it?

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