Remember that insane rig Google showed off at I/O? Yes, the one with the 16 GoPro cameras. It looked like the ideal VR-recording machine for content creators, and now it can be yours! The portable camera maker has just launched the product under the GoPro Odyssey moniker.

Don’t go rushing to try and get yourself one just yet, though. Needless to say, this product is not for everyone. For starters, the Odyssey costs a whopping $15,000. The price point alone leaves this product out of reach for many of us, but we should also mention the fact that GoPro won’t just sell this thing to everyone who shows up with 15 grand. At least not yet.

Google IO 2015 gopro jump

The GoPro Odyssey is only available for “select industry professionals” who want to invest into the VR market and create exciting content. This is why the manufacturer is going through a screening process, which means potential customers need to fill out a form in order to be considered for acquiring a one of these contraptions. You can register straight from GoPro’s official Odyssey page.

But let’s get back to the price, shall we? Obviously, this is the most disappointing part of today’s news. This thing seems way too expensive. For us normal folk, it may be, but we must consider the audience GoPro is trying to target here – professionals. While part of the price bump is all about the product’s “professional” status, it can also be justified by the amount of equipment this bundle packs.


The rig is only the beginning; this thing also packs 16 HERO4 Black cameras, 16 array bacpacs, 16 microSD cards, cables/accessories and even a fancy Pelican case to carry the whole thing in. Not to mention its integration with Google’s JUMP platform, which can take a huge weight off editors’ shoulders, as it can handle much of the tedious work and put all the content together. All things considered, it’s a pretty good deal for a company just looking for the simplest tool to make 3D content with.

Are any of you signing up? Just head over to GoPro’s website and register. You might be chosen!

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