In May, Google proposed new emoji for the Unicode standard showcasing women in the workplace, and today, the Unicode Technical Committee approved the request. The new emoji show women in eleven new situations include farming, welding, singing and business. These are all available in every existing skin tone of course, so the total goes to over 100 new emoji being added.

Unicode is also adding 33 more female versions of existing emoji that are currently male-only. These include a runner, hair dresser, police officer and bunch of others. As you’d expect, these will likely be included in the next versions of Android, as well as other operating systems.

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Unicode’s emoji set has been adopted by major companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, as well as major programming languages like Java and XML among others. Unicode enables the seamless use of characters between any platform that supports the standard.

In the past, Unicode has been criticized for failing to reflect modern standards of representation and inclusion. In response, the organization has added more skin tones to existing emoji and added new characters for women and other under-represented categories.

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