• Google has made its App Maker tool generally available to all of its G Suite business and education customers.
  • It will allow those users to quickly make custom mobile apps for their needs.
  • Also, G Suite will officially launch its previously announced standalone Google Tasks service on June 28.

It’s a busy day today for Google’s G Suite division. It has announced that its App Maker tool, which was first revealed on November 2016, is now generally available for all of its business, enterprise, and education customers.

App Maker provides those users with low-code tools to make their own custom mobile apps, with the goal of helping G Suite customers create apps specifically for their own needs that larger and more mainstream business and education apps cannot offer. For example, video game publisher Electronic Arts used an early version of App Maker to create a custom app to help streamline its capital resourcing needs. Google believes that custom apps made with App Maker could save employees at companies and schools a ton of time compared to other apps.

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App Maker includes templates and samples to make the process of creating custom apps easier, along with a drag-and-drop interface, support for Cloud SQL to help performance and more.

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In other G Suite news, Google revealed that its previously announced Google Tasks app will launch as a G Suite core service on June 28. It will take roughly one to three days to roll out to all G Suite users. In our own early hands-on impressions of Google Tasks, we found that while it was easy to use, it still lacked some of the key features of other similar apps, including Todoist. It’s likely that Google will add more features to Tasks in the coming months.