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Use the Google Wifi app to check your speeds on all your devices at once

If you want to conduct a Google Wifi speed check, you previously had to test each device in your home. Now, you can do them all at once.

Published onMay 15, 2018

  • A new update to the Google Wifi app lets you speed-check all of your connected devices at once.
  • You can still check each device on its own manually, but the all-at-once network check is way faster.
  • You can only check your entire home though, not just the devices connected to specific Google Wifi points.

Google Wifi is part of Google’s push to make setting up your home network a much easier task. With the Google Wifi router, getting your home Wi-Fi up-and-running is a snap, and extending the range of your router is easy since all you have to do is add more Google Wifi points.

But what if some of your devices seem to have a slow internet connection? You can test the speeds of each individual device, but that is a time-consuming task.

With a new update to the Google Wifi app rolling out today, via CNet, you will be able to test network speeds of every connected device in your home all at once.

In the past, you would be able to test the internet speed your modem is supplying your Google Wifi router or check the mesh connection between your various Google Wifi points. Now there’s a third option: “Test Wi-Fi,” which tests the connection speed of every connected device.

When you hit the Test Wi-Fi button, the app goes through every device one-by-one, checking the speeds. At the end of each test, you’re given a network speed which you can write down. Then it automatically goes on to the next device.

If you have a lot of connected devices in your home, the all-at-once test could take a while.

Google estimates that the average home has 18 connected devices, so that list you’re making could get pretty long. But, in the end, you’ll know if there are any problems with your internet speeds in certain parts of the house, or if you need to address connection issues with any particular device.

If you just want to check the speed of one device, that can be done as well. Simply go to Devices from the main page, find the device you want to test, and run the program.

Unfortunately, there is a limitation here: you can’t check the speeds of only the devices connected to specific Google Wifi points. In other words, if you have two Google Wifi points in your home – one in the living room and one upstairs – you can’t check only the devices connected to the upstairs hub. It’s all at once, or one at a time.

The Google Store currently has a promotion going until May 26 that gets you discounted pricing on Google Wifi points. One Google Wifi point will cost $119 (down from $129), and a two-pack will cost $279 (down from $299). Both packages are only available to U.S. residents and come with free shipping.

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