The Google Voice app

Google Voice is a rather handy tool, providing call forwarding and cheap calling options for users. One notable absence, however, was VoIP support, giving us conventional calls instead.

VoIP integration has been in the works since January 2017 at the very least. Now, over two years later, it looks like the company is finally ready to bring support to Google Voice. Hold your horses though, because it’s only a beta.

Android Police spotted the request for beta testers on the Google Product Forums. Community Manager Dave says Android and desktops systems are supported currently, with iOS “coming soon,” while Chrome is the only supported desktop browser as of writing, with Firefox, Safari and Edge in the works.

There are a few issues on Android at the moment (it’s a beta, after all), such as call recording/transfer not working and buttons not working on your Bluetooth device (for answering/ending calls). And you’ll chew up roughly 0.2MB of data per minute while on call.

If you still want to get in on the action, fill out this form, update your Google Voice app and wait for an email with more details.

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