Evan after all these years, Google has resisted the urge to turn its main Google.com website into a page with tons of graphics, photos, links, and animations. With the exception of the occasional animated Google doodle to commemorate the birthday of someone noteworthy, Google.com has focus mostly on its search bar. However, the company has now quietly added two small links to the top left side of the page: “Store” and “About”.

One of the unobtrusive links is clearly designed to point Google.com visitors to the company’s recently revamped hardware store site. The page, which offers visitors a chance to pre-order the recently revealed Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, among other items. Google recently confirmed that the site will only sell Google-branded hardware on that store site (with the exception of accessories).

The new “About” link takes visitors to a PR site, where Google has a bunch of internally created feature stories showcasing the many things it does. It also has a link to a history of Google, a look at the current trending search terms and even a link to the many previous cool Google homepage doodles.

While these two new links are small changes to the home site, it does show that Google wants to give visitors a quick way to check out and order its products, along with a faster way to learn about the company itself. Do you approve of these tiny additions to the main Google page? Let us know in the comments!

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