Google has rolled out an Avengers-themed Easter egg to its web search relating to the series main antagonist. The feature, spotted by 9to5Google, rolled out sometime this week to celebrate the release of Disney’s Avengers: Endgame.

To trigger the Easter egg, type “Thanos” into Google search on mobile or desktop and click the Infinity Gauntlet image next to the character bio on the right of the page. You can click here to check it out for yourself before I spoil what happens for you below (it doesn’t contain any Endgame spoilers though, if you’re worried about that).

The Google search page after searching for "Thanos"


The Gauntlet will snap its fingers and half of the Google search results on the page will disappear in a flurry of animations. It’s a neat effect and the sight of gaps on the Google front page is oddly eerie. Just tap the gauntlet again or refresh the page to bring the original search results back.

If you want to know about what that has to do with Thanos, go watch Avengers: Infinity War. Seriously, go watch that, it’s good.

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