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If you’ve loved the idea of Google’s Project Fi but wanted to wait until more users could be on the same plan, we have some good news: Google has just introduced family plans to Project Fi!

Now up to six people can be on one plan, which will certainly make it easier for families and groups of friends to pay their bills, track their data usage and manage settings. Adding new members to your Fi account is easy (and pretty cheap, too). It costs just $15/month per line for Fi Basics (unlimited talk and text), and just like with individual plans each gigabyte of data will cost you $10. Of course, you’ll still get refunded for your unused data, so you’ll never pay for what you don’t use.

There are no contracts or long-term commitments, either, so members can easily join and leave plans as they please without worrying about cancelation fees.

Members can easily join and leave plans as they please without worrying about cancelation fees

[related_videos align=”right” type=”custom” videos=”720378,720202,651620,650937″]So what are the benefits to joining a family plan? For starters, you’ll only pay one bill, not a separate one for each member. Account members can still view their personal data usage in the Project Fi app, and account managers can take that one step further and view usage per member. This way you’ll no longer have to guess how much data each person has been using. Account managers will also be able to add data safeguards to make sure a member doesn’t go overboard. You’ll receive data usage breakdowns per app to help you figure out what’s driving data usage to make more informed decisions.

Since this is Google’s mobile network, you’ll have to have a Google phone. Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL are compatible with the network, and the company will continue to sell the Nexus 6P and 5X through the Project Fi site. What’s more, Google is offering $100 off the Nexus 6P and $150 off the Nexus 5X when you buy and activate through Project Fi. That puts the 6P at just $399 or $16.63/month, and the 5X at only $199 or $8.29/month. Not bad at all!

These new family plans (or group plans, as Google is calling them) are available today. If you’re a current Fi subscriber, just head to your Fi account page to start inviting people. For those who want to switch from another carrier, head to the link attached below for more information.

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