It turns out that I’m not alone in thinking that partnering beer with technology is a winning combination. Google and Thinking Box have joined forces to build Molson’s Global Beer Fridge, which will serve cool refreshments to those with the right language skills.

The fridge is powered by Google’s real-time voice translation technology. To open it, you will need to find enough people with a mix of language skills to say “I am Canadian” in six of the forty different languages that the fridge can detect, which ranges from French to Hindi or Korean.

The fridge aims to celebrate Canada’s cultural diversity and has been commissioned just in time for the country’s birthday on July 1st. Sounds like a good way to celebrate to me. Not to mention there’s some extra publicity in it for Molson too.

Of course you will have to be able to find the fridge if you want to grab a free drink. Its next appearance is scheduled for July 10th in Toronto, just in time for the start of the Pan Am Games.

Given there’s a heatwave in the UK this week, I wish we had one of those over here! For a closer look at how the fridge was designed and built, check out the video below.




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