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If you’ve been feeling a bit out of the loop this year, then now is your time to catch up. The Google Play Store is showcasing their lists for the most popular news and entertainment sources of the year so far. No more feeling like your fingers have slipped from the racing pulse of popular culture: get back in touch with your fellow man by reading, watching, or listening to everything that everyone else is. Or go your own way, you crazy diamond you.

At the top of the most-read news sources we have old standbys like the Huffington Post, TMZ, the New Yorker, and Reuters. No real surprises there. However, once I hopped over to the top books of 2016, I found myself totally isolated from humanity. Even as fairly avid reader, I was familiar with literally zero books riding along the top. One with You by Sylvia Day, a Crossfire Novel? Have I been living under a rock?

Fortunately, perusing the top movies of 2016 made me feel right at home again. Star Wars: The Force Awakens naturally perches at the top of the list, followed immediately by Deadpool, The Hunger Games, and Spectre. I had to go all the way down to Daddy’s Home before I ran into something I hadn’t seen.

On the musical side of things, Drake is clearly killing it in terms of top albums. It was a small comfort to see David Bowie’s Blackstar riding along in eighth place. Those were top albums, but top songs were a slightly different story. Care to guess what the number 1 of 2016 so far is? I know you know it. That’s right, it’s “Work (feat. Drake)” by Rihanna.

Give these Google Play Store lists a look and let us know what you think about these most popular mediums of amusement and news in the comments below. Anything you were expecting to see be isn’t here? Any ranking titles surprise you?

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