Curious what kind of apps your friends and folks you follow might recommend? Thanks to a new change to the Google Play app, you can do just that by bringing up the “People” section within Play’s menu.

The first time you open the People section you’ll be able to opt in and from there you’ll see several familiar faces, as well as major tech publications and other businesses. Clicking on a person/business brings open a sub menu and shows just some of their app activity. You can also view these users full Google+ profiles, though that will push you out of the Play app and over to G+.

This is certainly a fun way to discover new apps, while also potentially learning a bit more about the app habits of your friends, family and others you follow. So how do you get in on the update? Actually, it’s turned on server side, so no update is required. We can confirm that the app is live in the midwest US, and likely many other parts of the world as well.