Google Pixel 4 wallpaper

If you are anything like us, you appreciate high-quality device wallpapers. Whether it is your smartphone, laptop, or desktop, a good wallpaper can make all the difference. Google makes some of the best stock wallpapers in the business. We’re particularly fond of the Pixel line’s “living universe” live wallpapers that come preloaded on all Pixel phones.

Now, thanks to Reddit user _R1zz_, you can download 4K versions of the Google Pixel 2, Pixel 3, and Pixel 4’s living universe wallpapers for your desktop. Out of the 11 available living universe wallpapers, a few of our favorites include the Pixel 2’s Lagos, Portugal beach wallpaper, the Pixel 3’s Switzerland wallpaper, and the Pixel 4’s Saudi Arabia wallpaper.

The Redditor created 11 wallpapers in total, all of which are 4K. We already wrote an article highlighting where you can download the Pixel 4 wallpapers for your mobile device, but the desktop versions bring your customization to the next level.

If the Pixel wallpapers aren’t for you, don’t sweat it. Head over to our Android wallpapers hub to download the default wallpapers from some of the biggest players in the smartphone industry. You can cop wallpapers from OEMs like OnePlus, Samsung, LG, and even the old Nexus line.

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