The Google Pixel has had several Bluetooth related issues in its short life, beginning with reports of failed connectivity in cars and, more recently, random disconnections and switching off. The latest issues are believed to have stemmed from February’s security patches, but a fix is now rolling out.

According to one of the Google team in the Pixel User Community forums, “Google has Just finished putting a fix in place for this issue on our end — no downloads or updates to your devices or apps are needed.”

This means the fix is part of a server-side update, which left a few people scratching their heads as to what kind of solution had actually been implemented. Others have suggested that the issue is still present on their devices.

However, it seems that the patch may have been included as part of the latest Google Play Services update, which began rolling out on March 21. Such updates can take several days to reach all users.

In the coming days, the Bluetooth connectivity problems, including those related to cars, should be resolved for all those that were experiencing them. If your device still suffers from the issue later, you can make it known in Google’s product forums.

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