The Pixel 4a was one of my favorite phones to launch this year. It had a fantastic screen, Google’s legendary cameras, and the wonderful Pixel UI interface, all for $349. In a year where we should all be saving a bit more money, affordable phones are in.

As much as I loved the Pixel 4a, Google only made it available in one color: Just Black. This was a pretty big bummer because leaks suggested the device would be available in multiple colorways. The black color is fine, but it’s fun to have multiple color options when buying a device.

Now, Google is offering the Pixel 4a in a new color: Barely Blue. The phone is a subdued baby blue color and comes with a fun orange power button, replacing the teal power button on the Just Black color.

Google Pixel 4a Barely blue all angles press image

Credit: Google

This color is only available for a limited time, and Google says once it sells out, it sells out. If you’re interested, you’ll want to jump on this one fast. The Barely Blue model will also be available in Japan in early 2021, though we didn’t receive any additional details on Japan availability.

The Barely Blue model costs the same as the Just Black model — $349 — and is available now from the Google Store. If you’re interested in buying from another retailer, the Just Black model is still available from Amazon, Best Buy, and more.

Google Pixel 4a The best of Google for $349
Getting the Google experience has never been more accessible. A compact phone that's easy to use, a beautiful screen, and one of the best cameras in this price range. The Pixel 4a is hard to beat.

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