Google is making it easier for users of its Google Photos app and service to create physical collections of their best images. As part of the Google I/O keynote speech, the company announced support for creating Photo Books from Google Photos online albums.

Google says it should take just a few minutes to create a Photo Book inside Google Photos, because it will automatically put in what it thinks are the best photos to use in that book. After those automatic selections are made, users can make their own manual changes to the Photo Book before deciding to order a soft cover or hard cover book, with prices starting at $9.99. It should arrive at the owner’s doorstep in just a few days after it is ordered.

Google plans to improve this feature with machine learning so that Photo Books can be even more personalized, and it will even notify owners with new suggestions for books. This feature is scheduled to go live today at the site, and will go live in the Android and iOS versions of the Google Photos apps next week. This feature is just for US residents at first, but it will be expanded to more countries later.

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