Google I/O 2017 is still a couple of months away, but to build up a little hype, Google has just announced this year’s “Experiments Challenge”. Google says that developers have already built thousands of projects for its Android, Chrome, and AI Experiments initiates and is looking to reward the very best projects with a trip to I/O itself.

Budding developers are encouraged to submit their cutting edge projects in either the AI, Android, or Chrome experiments categories. These can take the form of either hardware or software ideas. AI Experiments are projects based around complex machine learning tools, while Android Experiments are all about finding new creative ways to use the operating systems features or the creation of new customisation options. Chrome Experiments are a similar deal, but based on creating interactive experiments that use a full browser window.

There’s a small selection of prizes up for grabs. Three winners will receive a trip to Google I/O 2017. Three runners-up will win a new Google Pixel smartphone and a Daydream virtual reality headset. The submission deadline is set for April 13 2017. You can find additional details and some examples of the types of experiments that Google is looking for over at the Android Experiments website.

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