Update (2/28): Google I/O 2017 drawings just came to a close yesterday, and now the company is sending out confirmation emails for those lucky folks who won a ticket (well, their chance to buy a ticket) to the next dev conference. No matter if your name was chosen or not, you should be receiving an email over the next couple days. If you did get a rejection letter though, keep in mind Google does send out last-minute tickets as more spots open up.

As of right now there’s only a vague schedule for the events happening on May 17-19, but Google says it’ll add more detailed session information as we get closer to the trade show. You can check out the schedule right here.

Android Authority will be at Google I/O this year, bringing you all the major news and announcements as they happen.

Original post (2/22): Google I/O is where the Search Giant announces some of its hottest products, updates developers on the latest code trends and comes together with the community. The yearly event is one of the most important in the tech industry. Needless to say it is not easy to get in, but those who want to give it a try can now turn in their applications!

The attendance process for Google I/O 2017 has begun as Google begins accepting applications. You have until February 27th at 5 PM PST to get yours in. No need to rush to your computer, though, as applicants are now chosen at random. We still remember the days when this was pretty much a race and tickets would run out in a matter of minutes. Not to mention accessing the site during that time was a mess, due to the insane amounts of traffic.

Anyway – those times are gone and now you can take your time with the application. Chosen ones will receive their tickets on the 28th, via email. Of course, that would be after being charged the hefty entrance fee. General admission tickets go for $1150 but students can get in for $375. Be ready to pay!

Looking to sign up? Just head to the Google I/O 2017 sign-up page linked in the button below.

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