Google is rolling out a small, but significant change to its app store. Video trailers for select apps are now showing in the main screen of the Play Store.

Until now, the main app screen of the Play Store was home to a list of app cards grouped in categories like Personalization apps or New & updated games, or customized sections for specific app categories like Beautify Your Screen.

A new type of card is now rolling out to many users, one that promotes certain apps through videos. Called Check out this video, the card shows the video you would normally see by going to the app install screen, along the app name, app icon, and star score. There’s also an overflow menu that contains the options to install the promoted app or add it to your wishlist, as well as the option to dismiss the card.

It’s not clear how Google selects the apps it promotes via this widget, but it’s be based on your interests. One card I saw mentioned that the app in the video is popular with users who also installed IF by IFTTT.

This is, in the larger scheme of things, a rather small change for users, but for app developers, it’s increasingly important to have an engaging, professional presentation video for their apps and games.

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It looks like a server-side switch, so no need to update to get this new feature. Let us know if you spotted it!