A Nexus 6 smartphone in a person's hand with blue wallpaper.

Google has rolled out a new update for the Nexus 6. The update, which comes in at between 344MB and 911MB, hits the device after almost four years after it was released.

It’s unlike an Android manufacturer to roll out an update so late in a device’s lifetime and not exactly clear what’s new; the update arrives sans patch notes. It features the same security patch level as the last update (October 2017) and has only seen a change in the baseband version: from MDM9625_104670.31.05.45R to MDM9625_104670.31.05.51R. The build number is N8I11F.

It may not include many changes at all, despite its size, though it has been linked to a previous problem with T-Mobile devices failing to upgrade past Android 7.0. Multiple T-Mobile users on Reddit (via Android Police) have confirmed receiving it and jumping up to 7.1.1.

This could be the last Nexus 6 update we see but it’s had a good run. If you’re still rocking one, and looking for an upgrade soon, look out for the Google Pixel 3 coming later this year.

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