The holi easter egg on Google's search page.


Today marks the Holi festival in India, which sees revellers smearing each other with colors. It doesn’t stop at the real world either, as Google has included a nifty Holi easter egg to mark the occasion (h/t: 9to5Google).

Simply search for “holi” or “holi festival” in Google Search on your desktop or smartphone and then click/tap the three bowls of color powder in the Holi info card to activate this easter egg.

This then gives you the ability to click or tap anywhere on the search results page to splash colors on it. Once you’ve had enough and actually want to click on results, you can simply tap the water drop icon to return to the way things were. This icon can be found at the top of your page on desktop and at the bottom when using your smartphone.

This isn’t the only easter egg Google has up its sleeve, as we previously reported that it’s working on a secret minigame for the Play Store. The minigame has a similar visual style to Google’s dinosaur minigame in Chrome.

Have you come across any other cool tech easter eggs before? Let us know in the comments section!

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