Google introduced the “Free App of the Week” section to the Google Play Store only about three weeks ago. It was all fine and dandy until today, when the dedicated page suddenly disappeared and was replaced with an error message.

What gives? We have no idea what is going on, but our own Kris Carlon took it to Twitter to ask the team managing the Google Play Store account exactly what’s going on.

No response has shown up yet, but we continue to keep our eyes open for any news. It’s possible Google has decided the program is not worth keeping around, or something changed along the line. Maybe this is just temporary and the “Free App of the Week” will soon make its triumphant return.

We will have to wait and see. Until more information emerges, do hit the comments and let us know if this is something you were actually taking advantage of. Did you get any free apps from this now-gone section?

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