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Google’s self-driving car systems are said to hit the public relatively soon, but so far the specifics have been vague. Google has said it will partner with other manufacturers, allowing them to use their systems. The Search Giant has also mentioned a taxi-like service that would have you thoughtlessly zipping through the city. What gives? Despite government (and public) concerns, the company has been pushing forward and it seems an important milestone is to be reached at CES 2016, this January.

A trio of anonymous internal sources are claiming Google and Ford have a partnership to announce in Las Vegas, next month. This is said to be a joint venture to work on self-driving cars, and it will come in the form of an independent company.

Google self driving cars

Google is great at creating smart systems, but people have been worried about the company’s ability to manufacture vehicles. After all, you would be trusting your life to Google every time you hop on one of their automated automobiles. And as cute as their little cars are, we would rather have a renown car maker in the labs.

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This gives us a certain level of reassurance. In addition, companies like Google, Mercedes Benz and Volvo have promised to take responsibility for accidents caused by their self-driving systems. Google has also pledged to release information on whatever accidents their driver-less cars get into. It’s important to keep people informed, and Google is certainly not falling behind in this sense.

Ford Sync

Also, this deal is said to be non-exclusive, which makes us wonder what the plan really is. Other companies will be able to jump in on the deal? Will they have to go through both Google and Ford to join the fun? We are not quite sure, but you can bet we will find out all the details during CES. In the meantime, hit the comments and let us know if you are ready for the driver-less car revolution.

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