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Does Google Fi Wireless support Wi-Fi calling?

Wondering if Google Fi supports Wi-Fi calling? The short answer is yes. We explain how Google Fi wifi calling works.

Published onJuly 24, 2023

Wi-Fi calling is an almost essential feature for those that live in areas (or large buildings) with poor cellular reception, but not every phone carrier fully supports it. Wondering if there’s such a thing as Google Fi wifi calling support? The short answer is yes; all Fi plans support Wi-Fi calling.

Wi-Fi calling on the Google Fi network works as you’d expect from the name: You can send calls or texts even if you have poor cell reception, as it will use your Wi-Fi connection instead. Nearly every iPhone and Android device supports Wi-Fi calling unless it’s woefully outdated. Wondering how to enable Wi-Fi calling on Fi? It’s pretty simple, as we’ll explain in the next section.

How to enable Google Fi Wi-Fi calling on Android devices

For Android users, there are just a few simple steps you’ll need to take to enable Google Fi Wi-Fi calling:

  1. Launch your app drawer and open the Google Fi app.
  2. In the app’s Account section, you’ll want to scroll down until you find Wi-Fi calling. Tap on it.
  3. You’ll get another screen with a toggle. Hit the toggle to turn on Wi-Fi calling. That’s it!

Using an iPhone? You’ll need to turn on Wi-Fi calling from the OS settings. Click on the upcoming link to find the exact steps on how to enable and use Wi-Fi calling on iPhone.

Is Google Fi wifi calling not working?

What if Google Fi Wi-Fi calling is not working right for you? Don’t panic, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the situation. Here are a few reasons things might not be working:

  • Your phone isn’t connected to Wi-Fi properly. Verify your connection, as well as check that Wi-Fi calling is actually enabled within the Google Fi app.
  • Is this a new line? If you just got Fi and are in the middle of a number transfer, Wi-Fi calling won’t work until the transfer is completely finished.
  • Airplane mode might accidentally be turned on. To fix this, just turn it back off. Simple.
  • You are using outdated software. Check for updates and apply them if any are found.
  • Your phone doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling to begin with. Try searching your phone’s settings for a Wi-Fi option. If nothing shows up at all, the phone likely wasn’t designed to support the feature. For iPhone, go to Settings >General > About, and you should see Wi-Fi calling as an option if available.

If your phone isn’t compatible, you’ll need a new one in order to turn on Wi-Fi calling. Be sure to check out our guides to the best Android phones as well as the best cheap phones you can buy. If none of the steps above helped and it’s not a compatibility issue, you’ll want to reach out to Google Fi Wireless customer support.

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