Google search Nexus 6p app install

As always with these cool server-side testing features, I’m not seeing it on any of my devices, but you might be lucky enough to catch this one. Google is currently testing the ability to install an app direct from Google search results, without redirecting to Google Play.

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The team over at Android Police picked up on the trial feature and some readers have apparently had it since the start of December. With access to this instant app install function spreading further since then, it might not be too long before this rolls out across the board.

Google search app install CF Lumen Android Police

To test it, just search for an app in the Google app (it apparently doesn’t work in Chrome) you’ll see the familiar Google Play entry at the top. If you tap the Install button, however, instead of being redirected to the Play Store, some users are seeing a pop-up permissions box followed by an install pop-up, completely bypassing the Play Store.

If you’re seeing this feature – or have figured out how to enable it – let us know in the comments below.

Kris Carlon
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