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Google moved the clock in Android P because of the notch

A Google engineer explained the clock was moved in order to keep a "consistent experience" across all devices in light of notched displays.
May 11, 2018
The Essential Phone with Android P.
  • A Google engineer confirmed that the changed clock position on Android P is due to the prevalence of notches.
  • Google made the change in order to keep a consistent experience across all devices running the operating system.
  • The revelation adds more weight to the Pixel 3 notch rumors.

While taking questions from audience members at Google I/O 2018, an engineer appeared to confirm that the changed placement of the clock on the Android P developer preview was due to the current onslaught of devices featuring a notch.

While in Android Oreo the clock is on the right side of the screen, in the Android P developer preview the clock is on the left. According to Gadgets360, the engineer in question explained that: “By moving the clock over, we were able to create a consistent experience across Android devices irrespective of whether they have an unbroken top edge of the display panel.”

Though it’s only a minor change, the idea that the notch — which didn’t even exist one year ago — is already making Google rethink the way it designs its operating systems is interesting.

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This notion also adds some weight to the rumors that Google could be considering a notch of its own on the Pixel 3. After all, Google will be optimizing the operating system for its own devices too.

Other notch based changes in the Android P Developer Preview include the option for developers to see how their apps would look on devices with not only a notch at the top of the screen but also a notch at the bottom of the screen.

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