chrome bookmark manager

Remember Google Stars, the cloud-based bookmark manager replacement that leaked in “dogfood” form back in May? It looks like it’s finally ready for the spotlight, albeit under a different and less inspiring name – Bookmark Manager.

Now available for free in the Chrome extension catalogue, Bookmark Manager replaces Chrome’s drab default bookmarks tool with a fresh card-based interface featuring bold colors and a touch of Material design.

Android Authority 001649Once installed, you can click on the star icon displayed on the right side of the address bar – a.k.a the omnibox – to instantly add a web page to your bookmark collection. Alternatively, you can simply hit Ctrl+D on Windows or Cmd+D on Mac.

In essence, the new Bookmark Manager delivers the same functions you get from the default bookmark tool, with a couple of extra niceties, like Auto Folders. This feature groups your bookmarked pages based on topic – for instance, if you have lots of pages about Google, Bookmark Manager will create a “Google” auto folder. There’s also a Google-powered search box for digging deeper into your collection.

It’s not clear yet how does this revamp fit in the larger picture. Does Google has bigger plans for bookmarks? Nevertheless, it’s good to see Google giving some attention to this long-neglected aspect of Chrome.

Check out Bookmark Manager in the Chrome extension store.

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