Google products and services should work seamlessly with each other, which is why many of us have wondered why using Google Cast on Chrome has depended on an extension for so long. This causes unnecessary, and sometimes confusing, steps. It could all be avoided if Google simply integrated Cast support right into Chrome for desktop, something they are finally doing with the popular browser’s version 51 update.

The Search Giant has taken it to their support page to share the good news. Users can now cast their browser tabs without the need of an added extension. This can be done through the tools menu (3-dot button) or by right-clicking on any tab.

This means you can now uninstall the Google Cast extension… or not. The extension button will continue to work and will likely be easier to access to many of us. Some may prefer a cleaner look on their browsers, though, making those extra steps worth the time.

In addition, users can no longer set any resolution, bitrate, quality and other options. Instead, the system recognizes the content and quality of your network, optimizing the stream to better suit your needs. This could be considered a downgrade to those who like fine-tuning their casts, though.

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Also included is a feature that allows for casting Chrome tabs to a Google Hangout, which may be convenient to some. Interested? Just make sure your desktop Chrome browser is updated to version 51 and all this functionality should be there. Enjoy!