Update 11:02 ET: In our original coverage of the latest Google Camera update we mentioned that the selfie-flash feature is new to Google Camera v4.4. This function, it turns out, has actually been in place since v4.3. We apologize for the confusion and have now removed reference to it from the article. 

Google Camera v4.4 is now rolling out in the Google Play Store. The latest version carries with it some lightweight, but somewhat useful, new additions, including the ability to double tap the display to zoom in, and a new toggle for switching between camera functions.

The double-tap to zoom feature is a simple gesture that will zoom the camera to 50%, and then zoom it all the way out again, when you double-tap on the display. Not a groundbreaking addition but it’s simple and acts as a quick alternative to using the zoom slider.

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Google has also implemented dedicated buttons for switching between taking photos and recording videos. These buttons replace the previous sliding toggle, which could make the process a little more intuitive.

If you’re interested, you can download the latest version of Google Camera at the Play Store link below. Just note that it’s not available in all regions, and it’s only compatible with phones running Android 7.1 Nougat.