The beginning of any new year is also the time when many people reevaluate their health and exercise plans. Google want to help out with a new update to its Google Calendar app. The new version can now link to both Google Fit and Apple Health to help you keep track of your fitness efforts.

With the update, any fitness goals that are set in Google Calendar can now be linked to Google Fit or Apple Health. Any activity and goals that are recorded in either one of those fitness apps is now shown as “done” in the Calendar app. You can also see how close you are to completing your fitness goals with the new visual performance tracker.

Google says this update will also help with finding the best time in the day to achieve those goals. It says that, for example, if you have the goal to run starting at 6:30 am every other day, but don’t actually start until 7:15 am, the Google Calendar app will automatically adjust that start time.

Will you be using Google Calendar to help you achieve your fitness and exercise goals in the new year of 2017? Let us know what you will be doing to keep fit in the comments!

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