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Google Calculator just hit the Play Store

With no warning and little fanfare, Google has unleashed their Calculator app on the Google Play Store, and now there’s no going back.
March 30, 2016
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Oh snap. Just when you thought it was a slow news day, out of nowhere Google has dropped a bomb on the mobile app world. With no warning and little fanfare, the search giant has unleashed their Calculator app on the Google Play Store, and now there’s no going back.

Ever been in that situation where numbers were hard? Never again. Not with Calculator at your fingertips. This killer app has all your favorite mathematical functions. Addition? Check. Subtraction? Absolutely. Multiplication and division? It’s out of control! You won’t even have to pick a favorite number, because this app has all of them. That’s right. One through nine… and even zero. It’s even got a dot over there for some reason. Hell if I know what it does.

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If you’ve managed to get this far into the article without passing out from sheer awesome overload, then you must not be sold yet. You must be waiting around for Advanced Features. Well rest assured, because Calculator has them in spades. A quick swipe to the right reveals a mint green wonderland of the kind of math that uses letters, words, and made-up symbols (which is how you know it’s real math). There’s like, a log. Some parenthesis it looks like. A sin button that looks pretty tempting. Some sort of checkmark thing. I dunno. It’s pretty sweet. As an easter egg, if you tap the stonehenge button and then hit the equal button, the app will output 3.1415926535897. Pretty mysterious. 

Did we mention it has Android Wear support? It has Android Wear support! Click the button below to grab Calculator from the Google Play Store. Give it a spin, then let us know in the comments what kind of maths you plan on algebrating with this baby in the near future.

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