Google ad Times Square

Google billboard Times Square

In a bid to expand the perception of its brand, Google has been on an advertising offensive since the launch of Android Lollipop. To that end, Google has now become the inaugural advertiser on the huge billboard display that has been built in front of the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square.

The billboard runs from 45th to 46th Street along Broadway and measures almost the length of a football field. It may not be as long as LG’s advertisement in Saudi Arabia, but as it contains 24 million pixel LEDs and comes in at eight stories tall, it’s still a tough advertisement to miss.

This isn’t just your typical billboard ad however, today passers-by can make use of Google’s Androidify app to create their own Android character to stick up on the big screen. App users from further afield can also submit their Android characters to appear on the billboard and will receive an email if theirs makes it through.

Other than adorable little Androids, Google will, of course, be using the space to advertise its latest Nexus line-up, a variety of Android Wear products, Chrome, and Maps software. Google will also be devoting some of its advertising time to six non-profit organizations; Made with Code, Charity Water, WWF, Khan Academy, NRDC, Donors Choose and Give Directly.

Google hasn’t disclosed how much the billboard space is costing, but we can imagine that it doesn’t come cheap.

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