The Google Assistant inside Allo has been able to converse in English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Hindi since last year, and today even more languages are being added to the chatbot. Google has just announced that the Assistant in Allo can now converse in French and Spanish!

According to the Official Google Canada Blog, Google has made the Assistant truly French Canadian, customizing the bot with elements that are unique to Quebec. Whether you’re asking about local celebrities, artists, or landmarks, the Assistant should be able to answer questions that are specifically relevant to French Canada. To use the Assistant in Canadian French, just say “Talk to me in Canadian French” in your Assistant chat inside Allo. You can also adjust the language for your Assistant on your device.

The handy Smart Reply feature in Allo will be able to recognize which language you’re speaking in, and respond accordingly. So if you’re chatting with a friend in French, the Assistant will suggest French responses. Smart Reply in French for photos is coming soon too, though support for the new language isn’t here yet.

These new features in French for Google Allo are rolling out for Android or iOS users right now, so they should make their way to your device within the next few days.

And while we don’t have an official blog post relating to the Spanish rollout, we do have confirmation from Allo’s head of product, Amit Fulay, on Twitter:

We’ll be sure to update you if we hear anything else about the Spanish rollout.