Update: Have you been looking to battle among gods? Surely, you don’t want evil forces to enslave our souls, so it’s time to get fighting. The day has come. Gods of Rome has finally hit the Google Play Store and it is available for download. You have nothing to lose, as the game is free to download (with in-app purchases). Go get it, guys!

Original Post: When it comes to making games, Gameloft is no amateur. They make some of the highest quality titles you can find in the Google Play Store, and their upcoming app seems to follow suit with all other games. Gods of Rome has just been announced, and though we don’t have much information on it, the little we know makes it worth our attention.

Gods of Rome revolves around… well, the gods of Rome. But someone over at Gameloft seems to have been confused, as the characters include Greek mythological personalities. Either that or the plot has a pretty sharp twist. Some of the main characters include Zeus, Spartacus and Atlas. These heroes fight against an ancient evil force that threatens to enslave their souls. That’s about as much as we know about the story, though.

What we can see is a bit of the gameplay, which is featured in the teaser video Gameloft has released. These clips showcase a series of active battles said to be intuitive (swipe and tap controls). Oh, and I must say this game certainly looks good. Those graphics look stunning for a mobile game.

By the way, the three characters mentioned above happen to be exclusive content. You can pre-register at the announcement post to possibly unlock these rewards.

Also important to note is that it does seem like the game will feature in-app purchases. At least if the mentioned “gold, quest spheres and energy” are anything to go by.

We will have to wait and see how everything unfolds, but so far this is looking like a very promising game. I certainly can’t wait to try it.

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