• The new Gmail “nudges” feature will remind you to reply to messages you may have forgotten about.
  • Nudges will also remind you to follow-up on sent messages that have yet to receive a reply.
  • The feature is AI-powered and can be turned off if you don’t like it.

Google today announced on its blog that the new Gmail will now “nudge” users if they forget to reply to an email. The AI-powered notification tool is on by default for users with the new Gmail enabled.

In the blog post on the matter, Google says that this new reminder feature will help prevent emails from slipping through the cracks.

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“Nudging” is a text notification that will appear next to the subject line of a message in the new Gmail inbox. It will tell you when the message was received and ask you if you want to reply. Presumably, the notification will only appear on messages that Google thinks need your attention, and not every spam message you receive.

gmail nudges

But nudging goes even further than that. Google will also search through your Sent folder and find messages that someone else didn’t reply to, and remind you that you should follow up with them.

If you don’t like this new feature, don’t worry: Google lets you turn it off. Just head into your Gmail settings and untick the two nudging features – one for Inbox nudges and one for your Sent box. Or, turn only one of them off if you like having one but not the other.

gmail nudges

Google says the rollout pace is “1 – 3 days,” so it may be a bit before you see the feature in your Gmail.

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