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Gmail users rejoice! If your gmail productivity has been bogged down by the seemingly clunky interface that Gmail offers, we might soon find a solution with the upcoming Gmail 4.2 for Android. A leaked APK gives us a sneak peek of what the upcomin Gmail release has to offer, including new user interface features.

Android Police, which has a copy of the APK say this may or may not come from a ROM dump from the rumored LG Nexus device. What’s sure at this point is that the upcoming Gmail release will include much-requested features like pinch-to-zoom on individual emails, which make zooming in or out definitely quicker than having to manually set view size per inbox.

Image credit: Android Police

This release also lets users swipe on a conversation to either delete or archive, which makes inbox management easier. This option is customizable, so you can choose to either archive, delete or ask.

Users can also report a message as phishing, which helps Google improve security. Check out the video demo below. Are you excited for Gmail 4.2?

Image credit: Android Police
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