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Top 10 gifts for yourself this holiday season

It's the season of giving, but why should all your gift recipients enjoy all the fun? Here's some great gifts for yourself.

Published onDecember 15, 2017

It’s the season of giving, but why should all your gift recipients enjoy all the fun? While the holiday season tends to be about giving gifts, it’s not uncommon for consumers to make a few big purchases for themselves during the gift-giving season. If you’re looking for something special for well… you, here’s a few items that you’ll want to consider gifting yourself this year. 

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last minute Christmas gifts
If you’re looking for a phone that looks ultra-premium, has tons of performance punch, and yet costs ridiculously little — the recently launched HONOR 7x phone is the way to go. This is easily the best Android phone you can purchase for under $200 and honestly compares with many phones double its price.

The star feature here is the gorgeous 18:9 display that’s perfect for gaming and media, but there’s also a snappy Kirin 659 octa-core processor, 3 GB of of RAM, 32 GB of onboard storage, a dual rear camera setup with a 16 MP primary sensor and a secondary 2 MP sensor, an 8 MP front-facing camera, and a 3,340 mAh battery.

You can pick it up now directly from HONOR for $199.99. If you’re looking to get a loved one a mobile device that looks much more expensive than it truly is, this is without a doubt a great choice. 

ZTE Axon M

Head into the new year with a phone that looks like it belongs in 2018 and beyond. For years we’ve been promised the notion of phones that transform into tablets, but ZTE has finally delivered on this dream. The ZTE Axon M is a unique device that is perfect for those that want to take their multi-tasking to the next level. 

The ZTE Axon M uses two 5.2-inch IPS Full HD panels that are connected to a hinge that, when it is folded out, it essentially turns the device into a 6.75-inch tablet. This is great for running two apps side by side, extending one app across both displays, and much more. 

As you can imagine, this phone also stands out in a crowd, perfect for those who like to rock phones that are different from the endless sea of Samsung and iPhone devices.Without a doubt, this is one of the most unique phones you can buy right now. You can get it via AT&T for $724.99 without a contract, or for $24.17 a month for 24 months. 

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Samsung is killing it in the smartphone industry, but it made two choices that really set it apart in the smartwatch industry as well. First, it went with Tizen as the operating system. That decision is debatable, but it does make for a nice watch interface and works very well with Samsung-developed hardware.

But the second choice it made – MST technology – which puts Samsung Pay right on your watch is the big one. Samsung Pay is great for a number of reasons. First, it uses tokenization for all its transactions, in many ways making it safer than using a credit card. Second, MST technology allows you to use the watch at virtually any credit card terminal with a magnetic stripe reader, or contactless payment capability. Plus, Samsung opened Samsung Pay on the Gear S3 to any Android Phone, not just Samsung phones.

These things, plus a solid watch design and good battery life should put the Gear S3 at the top of your holiday wish list.

Yi 4K Sports and Action Video Camera

An action camera is one of those accessories that is hard to buy for yourself at any time. Action cameras have a pretty specific niche – they’re designed to record videos and photos that aren’t easy to shoot. Plus, the addition of a case brings shock, water, and temperature protection, making them companions wherever you go, unlike that DSLR you baby with its own bag.

Yi actions camera are a highly-rated alternative to the mainstream action camera. They’re a little less expensive, but by all accounts, just as good in every way. With 120 minutes of recording on a charge, a 2.2” LCD display, Electronic Image Stabilization, and more, the holidays are just the excuse you need to pick up that companion for your next biking, boating, or hiking adventure.

LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Gimbal

Of course, as long as you’re picking up an action cam, why not stabilize it with the LanParte HHG-01 3-Axis gimbal. Shaky video can be one of the hardest and most frustrating things to watch. This motorized gimbal will stabilize your videos from your Action Cam or your smartphone making your pans and movement super smooth.

Even if you’re not using an action cam, the gimbal works with your smartphone as well. You can unleash your creativity while taking selfies or videos on vacation, or even just your kid’s soccer game.



Flying is the new thing recently, and when it comes to flying around inside your house, Air Hogs are one of the best you can go to. For a pretty cheap price, you can pick up an RC helicopter that you can fly around your living room with remarkable stability and control. Two control sticks – one for lift and one for steering make intricate maneuvers very possible.

Of course the Air Hogs RC helicopter is meant for indoor flying only. Outside is possible, but not recommended. This helicopter will get you around the inside of your home very well though, and it’ll be a long time before you run out of things to maneuver around or land on. Just make sure your fish tank had a lid on it. Trust us.

DJI Spark

Inside flying is fun, but outside flying is a whole other animal. When it comes to drones, DJI really is the only name to know. Then the question becomes – big or little, and it’s this question that the DJI answers pretty well. The DJI Spark is a “Grab N’ Go” type device that, while it doesn’t fold up, easily fits in a bag and can travel with you. At the same time, you lose little in the way of stability and video quality.

With a 1.2 mile range on the controller, you can go just about anywhere you need to, up to 31 MPH in sport mode. Sixteen minutes of flying, GPS, and subject tracking round out this tiny, but powerful little package.

Lenovo Yoga Book

Tablets in the Android space are not a huge affair. It really takes something unique for a tablet to stand out. The Lenovo Yoga Book really stands out among the crowd. A sort of “mini-laptop”/2-in-1, the Lenovo Yoga book features a large touch surface which can turn into a keyboard, or use as a drawing surface. If you’re a creative person who likes to draw or sketch, this may be your answer.

The keyboard/drawing area also closes on the tablet like a laptop. Plus the Halo keyboard saves screen real estate when it’s time to type. This is a truly unique device that never got its proper due. The benefit to you is that the price has dropped quite a bit from its initial offering. Take advantage of that and pick one up for yourself.

Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera

Maybe you have seen this video floating around YouTube.  Nikon is already a big name in cameras, and adding to that, this 83x zoom makes for some very intriguing photographic possibilities. The 16MP sensor is capable of some great captures, including Full HD 1060/60p Video. The camera also features built in Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS.

The COOLPIX P900 also offers full manual controls and 2,000mm equivalent zoom. At its heart though, it’s still a point-and shoot camera that’s perfect for a vacation or even just photos of the family, from several miles away.

Acer Chromebook R 13 Convertible

These days, a good laptop is essential for getting things done on the go. For most everyday tasks, a Chromebook will do a great job. There’s no need to spend a ton of money on yourself to get a functional laptop that can get things done. The Acer Chromebook R 13 convertible is a great example of a solid laptop that can get work done, but also packs a little flair for some fun.

The 13.3 multitouch screen is LED backlit, and the laptop itself sports a MicroSD card reader, USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port. The 3-in-1 is capable of laptop mode, tent mode, and tablet mode giving you a wide variety of options when working on the go.

Google Home

Home Assistants are becoming more popular in households. You can use them for everything from controlling smarthome tech, to checking the weather, or appointments, to general information. It’s that last category where Google Home stands above and beyond other home assistants. Having the power of Google search in a device like this is pretty powerful.

The sound quality of the Google Home is pretty good as well, missing out only on the lowest bass. But the power of the Assistant is in the Assistant. Using it to check your appointments, weather, traffic and the like is very powerful and addictive. Soon, you won’t set a timer anywhere but on Google Home.

TP Link Deco M5

Finally, we get to our last item. Internet is such an integral part of life today, it really sucks when you lose signal in your home. Fortunately, a comprehensive solution is available in the concept of mesh networking. A mesh network is a Wi-Fi signal that blankets your home in signal through the use of multiple devices or access points. Sounds complicated? It’s not even a little complicated.

TP Link is a leading name in business networking. Now it has moved into the consumer market with its Deco units. A mesh network is ridiculously simple to set up through TP Link’s app. All you have to do is plug in a device, connect it to your router, and the app walks you through the setup process, step by step for as many of the devices that you want to set up. Once done, you can control your network with the app including parental controls, a guest network, and individual device management. It’s a comprehensive solution for a new concept in home networking and worth picking up.

Conclusion – Which gift would you get for yourself?

That’s a look at just some of the tech gifts that we would give to ourselves. We want to hear from you, however. Which of these gifts would you give to yourself, and are there any that didn’t make this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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