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ZTE’s Multi-tasking masterpiece puts the smart back in smartphones

The ZTE Axon M stands out from the rest of the pack thanks to its unique display. What else makes it worth your attention? Join us as we take a closer look.

Published onDecember 15, 2017

Sponsored by ZTE.

Let’s face it, after more than a decade of mainstream success, smartphones have become a bit boring. Regardless of the logo, the vast majority of phones stick to the same tried-and-true rectangular format. Sure, there’s been some minor deviations, but few really shaken things up.

It’s 2017; isn’t it about time for a change? Some manufacturers are attempting to do that by curving the edges or  just making their phones a bit taller, but ZTE is taking a different, more innovative approach. The ZTE Axon M is unlike anything before it, giving us two screens in one package. The two displays are brought together by a simple hinge that opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Who is the Axon M for?

We have seen innovations from other smartphone manufacturers. Some smartphones fold; some bend. These have all been concept phones or prototypes—look, but don’t touch. Only ZTE has pushed forward with a consumer product that showcases what’s possible in everyday situations. The Axon M is for people who want to put their hands on something new and innovative, who want to show something different to the world.

These early-adopters are critical to the development of the ZTE Axon M. Only through real-world use will the platform continue to grow, develop, and prosper. Developers will optimize their apps for multi-screen views, and ZTE will learn other ways to push this concept forward.

Bottom-line, if you like phones that stand out and do things differently, you’ll love the ZTE Axon M. It’s more than just stands out, though. It also takes multi-tasking to a level impossible to achieve on more conventional handsets. 

Multitasking with ease

The future is bright, but for whom? The ZTE Axon M is most appealing for hard-hitting multitaskers. Using two screens side by side is incredibly powerful. You can punch through any task thrown at you, while playing a YouTube video on the second screen. You can copy and paste in between documents without switching windows.

Single screen multitasking is just okay on a typical Android device. Once you’ve tried two side-by-side screens, there’s just no going back.

There are so many use cases where it can make your day-to-day life better. Whether you’re researching on Chrome while composing a Google doc, or perhaps looking up directions to a venue while texting your lunch date, the ZTE Axon M makes these tasks seamless. The benefits don’t stop there, though.

Dual screens also make navigation in your car a whole new experience. You’re basically using a tablet to navigate, meaning a bigger screen that lets you easily see what’s coming up, when your turn will be, and more. You can also multitask – if you’re a passenger of course – while still keeping your navigation up and running. Ever missed a turn because of an incoming text? That won’t happen here.

How about watching a movie and chatting on Whatsapp? Some Android phones have floating windows, which is kind of neat, but watching with full screen while chatting uninterrupted is an experience everyone should try.

Extend more

But the ZTE Axon M is more than just a multitasking machine. Its extended mode basically eliminates any need you have for a traditional tablet. The Axon M gives you all the screen real estate you could ever need for checking out a map, streaming your favorite movie, or getting some writing done. What makes this so amazing is that it’s a ‘tablet’ that folds into the size of a phone. Slip it into your pocket, and you’re ready to go. Leave the backpack at home.

Even apps that have not been optimized for the experience can take advantage of the extended screen. Android is powerful like that. Apps and games are easier to use and just look better when they have more room. There’s never enough screen, as evidenced by today’s phones getting larger and larger. The Axon M doubles the typical screen when you need it and folds it away when you don’t.

Personal space

Have you ever wanted to show a video to a friend. Some might see an opportunity to snuggle, but personal space is still important, so use mirror mode to show the same screen on both sides of the phone. You’ll be able to watch the video, while your friend watches on the other side. This is also great for kids in the car, or any time you want to show others what’s going on.

Just scratching the surface

ZTE is just scratching the surface on what might be possible with a dual screened phone. This is a first-generation product fresh out of the gate. It’s basically a brand new concept for the modern smartphone. Imagine what may come down the pipeline in the future. Maybe an e-reader app with two pages at once, or a game with a virtual gamepad on one screen.

The possibilities are endless. It’s an exciting time to be a smartphone owner.

Picking up the ZTE Axon M is not only a great investment in an excellent smartphone now, but it’s an investment in the future of the industry as well. 

For more details on the ZTE Axon M, be sure to visit our hub page!

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