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Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper app review

Gallery 3D is a unique live wallpaper that features 3D animations and wide customization options. It's free in the Play Store and this is our review.

Published onAugust 25, 2013

Gallery 3D Live Wallpaper review

Live wallpapers aren’t as popular as they used to be, but a lot of people still like them. These days, the best wallpapers are ones that offer either beauty in their simplicity or are highly customizable. Today, we’re taking a look at a new wallpaper called Gallery 3D. It features 3D animations, customization, and a variety of other features. Continue reading for the written review or, if you’d rather watch, the video review is at the bottom.

Gallery 3D Screenshot 1


Okay so as you can imagine, this is a live wallpaper. Thus it acts like your average live wallpaper. You set it as you would normally set a live wallpaper and access the settings the same way. You can also double tap on your screen once it’s set to actually get to the settings.
The settings are pretty comprehensive once you get used to them. A variety of them require in-app purchases which we know you don’t like. However, there is a preview mode where you can at least see if you’ll like it before you buy it.
From there, it’s simply mix and match. Pick your animations, background, what photos get shown on the wallpaper, and particles. Once done, you’ve created yourself a wallpaper.

Gallery 3D Screenshot 2

How Can I Use This?

It’s a live wallpaper, so the answer to this is simple. You can use it to have a nice looking live wallpaper. The customization is pretty wide and you can have pictures display anything. Your family, cars, game pictures, or whatever your interest may be, you can make it work on here.
Once you work your way around the app and figure out how everything works, it’s actually pretty fun to use.

Gallery 3D Screenshot 3

What We Liked

So here is what we liked about Gallery 3D. It has a wide range of customizations to deliver an experience. You can choose animation speed, what pictures show up, the background, particles, and all sorts of other things. It’s possible to make it look and act pretty much you want.
The developers gave me a preview build 4 days before the app came out and this review took place 3 days later. During the course of that week, there were 4 updates. One of which added the preview feature. So the developers seem pretty on the ball with fixing bugs and adding new stuff.
Lastly, we enjoyed the performance. During use, the battery didn’t drain as much as expected and the battery strain is barely noticeable at all. Also, the performance in general was quick and smooth. Of course, we tested with a Nexus 4, your mileage may vary but we don’t see this app performing poorly unless it’s a very old device.

Gallery 3D Screenshot 4

What We Didn’t Like

So here is what we didn’t like. We wish we had more control over the animation speed when swiping home screens. The setting may be too quick for some and there isn’t a way to turn it down. The auto animations have this setting, though, so there is something else to use if the swiping is too fast.
We know people don’t like in app purchases and this app has them. Nothing is overly expensive and you can preview paid elements before you buy them, so at least there is that. Also, as more features get added, expect the in-app purchases list to grow. Again, it’s not a bad thing, but we know many people don’t like them.

Gallery 3D Screenshot 5

Final Thoughts on Gallery 3D and Download Link

Overall, this is a great live wallpaper that can be pretty deeply customized once you make your way around the app. You can have the pictures be whatever you want or use the stock offerings. There are a few particle options, background options, and other things. You can even use a custom background but do note, the best backgrounds are ones that can be tiled.
It’s free to try with some in-app purchases. That seems to be the way app devs are doing things these days. All things considered, it’s really nice that the in-app purchases are cheap and it’s nicer that you can preview them first. There is room for improvement, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving this app a shot. To give it a try, use the Google Play button below.

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