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By the time Samsung launches its next set of flagships, we’ll probably know everything there is to know about them through leaks.

Certain tipsters like XDAs Max Weinbach are relentlessly outing details about the upcoming Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip phones.

In a fresh leak, Weinbach reveals camera and charging details of Samsung’s new clamshell phone. He says that the Galaxy Z Flip will feature a dual 12MP primary camera setup; one wide and one ultra-wide sensor.

We’ve previously heard that Samsung will use ultra thin glass on the display of the foldable phone. Now, Weinbach claims it’ll also have a crease at the point where the device folds shut.

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He further says that the Galaxy Z Flip will facilitate 15W charging as well as wireless charging. It is also said to support reverse wireless charging to juice up other devices like the Galaxy Buds or the upcoming Galaxy Buds Plus.

The phone will apparently skip out on the trendy in-display fingerprint sensor. Instead, Weinbach says it’ll have a capacitive fingerprint scanner on the side.

A tiny second screen

Apart from the camera and charging details, Weinbach’s sources tell him that the Galaxy Z Flip will also have a second display upfront.

In his tweet, he writes that the second display could be 0.1-inch in size. However, he later corrects himself and says it’s possibly a 1-inch screen, which still makes it super tiny.

It will apparently show the charging status of the phone and double up as a viewfinder for the primary rear camera so you can take selfies with it.

From what we’ve heard so far, the specs of the Galaxy Z Flip are pretty similar to the Galaxy S10e. The only major difference between the two seems to be the Flip’s foldable form factor.

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