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Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that the Galaxy S6 series (S6 and S6 Edge) hit the 10 million sales milestone in “about one month” from its release. The publication cites an unnamed “high-ranking Samsung official.”

“The sales of the Galaxy S6 series have already surpassed 10 million,” according to the Samsung executive. Samsung typically trumpets such milestones, and no other Korean outlet covered the news, suggesting that this is not an official announcement. That will probably follow over the next days.

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The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge started shipping on April 10 in 20 countries, and became available in markets from around the world in the weeks that followed.

Last year, Samsung boasted that it managed to sell 11 million Galaxy S5 units in the same time it needed to sell 10 million Galaxy S4 units a year before (about a month). Despite the strong start, the Galaxy S5 eventually turned out to be a disappointment, as Samsung sold 40 percent fewer units that it anticipated, according to the Wall Street Journal.

With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung effectively rebooted the series, and the enthusiastic reception suggests the move has been successful. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the S6 will break the records set by the Galaxy S4, even if analysts think it will.

The fact is, the days of explosive growth are over in most smartphone markets (case in point, China) and the competition is much stronger now. That explains why, despite great reviews, the Galaxy S6 does not appear to be doing much better than its predecessors.

Samsung will probably make an official announcement on this pretty soon, but until then – are you surprised by this report in any way?

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