LG G5 and Friends

LG has posted a funny full-length LG G5 and Friends video, showcasing the various unique features of the modular phone and the fun applications for its associated peripherals. There’s a healthy dose of humor in the mix, which brings the previous Jason Statham spots to mind as well as Samsung’s Lil Wayne ads, but the video also goes to show just how rich an ecosystem the LG Friends represent.

LG focuses on the modular nature of the LG G5, first showing off its replaceable battery before moving on to the CAM Plus’ enhanced photographic capabilities and the wide-angle dual-camera system. The Hi-Fi Plus from Bang & Olufsen is up next with some funny split-screen twerking and the 360 VR and 360 CAM sections are memorable to say the least.

LG’s Tone Infinim Bluetooth headset is apparently now an LG Friend and the just-announced LG Action CAM LTE makes an appearance too. The G5’s Always-On Display makes a quick appearance and even the LG Friends Manager app gets a look in.

At four minutes it’s a pretty lengthy commercial, but it definitely manages to introduce the uninitiated into what the LG G5 and Friends can offer, along wth plenty of cool music and dancing models. If you get nothing from the video you don’t already know, there’s at least a funky new handshake to use with your besties and the funniest marketing for VR I’ve yet come across.

What is your favorite smartphone commercial?

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