Update, April 1: As promised, LG published the full commercial starring Jason Statham, and it’s so weird we wouldn’t blame you if you thought it’s an April Fools’ Day joke. It’s not.

Original post, March 29: We all know Jason Statham for the muscular, perpetually frowning characters that he plays in action movies. From April 1, no foolin’, we’ll also know him as the star of LG’s promo campaign for the launch of the G5. And it looks like a doozy.

In a press release, LG says that the “high-flying, high-octane” Statham will play every character in the spot, which is scheduled to air from April 1. That’s the date the LG G5 will go on sale globally; in the US, pre-orders are already open at the big four carriers and retailers like Best Buy.

LG already released two short clips, and in one of them Jason Statham is virtually unrecognizable, dressed as a well to do lady enjoying brunch.

But remember, every character is played by Statham. So, pay closer attention, and…

lg g5 commercial jason statham

We look forward to seeing the full commercial this Friday. Let’s hope that Statham and director Fredrik Bond were able to deliver a funny and relatable clip for LG. Because, as HTC’s sad experience with Robert Downey Jr. showed us, no amount of star power can fix a bad idea.

One last thing – no, you can’t just hot-swap modules on the G5, like the ads suggest. LG is a little disingenuous here.

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