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How to get Netflix for free with T-Mobile

The only thing better than Netflix is Netflix on T-Mobile's dime.
November 8, 2023

There are some pretty great unlimited phone plans available in the United States these days. You can get good coverage and solid prices almost anywhere, so it comes down to perks to set them apart. If you’re eyeing up T-Mobile’s plans, you might be wondering what else your plan can get you. The answer, of course, is that you can get Netflix for free just by signing up. Here’s how to get yourself set up for some free movies and TV shows.

If you’re just looking for any way to get Netflix for free, we still have you covered.


To get Netflix for free with T-Mobile, sign up for an eligible Magenta or Go5G plan. After choosing one, head to the T-Mobile app or the My T-Mobile website. On the website, go to View Account > Shared Add-ons > Manage add-ons and add Netflix in the Services section. Your Netflix billing will be handled through T-Mobile.


How to get free Netflix with T-Mobile

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Getting free Netflix from T-Mobile is mostly just a matter of choosing a qualifying plan. That means that only some plans are eligible, obviously, and you’ll get either Netflix Basic or Standard depending on the your choice of plan and the number of lines activated.

Which plans are eligible?

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Only Go5G and Magenta subscriptions qualify. If you’re on something like an Essentials plan, you’re out of luck. Moreover, as mentioned, you get Netflix Basic or Standard depending on your plan and the number of lines you have. Netflix Basic offers streaming on a single device at 720p resolution, while Standard upgrades to 1080p and two simultaneous devices. You can’t get Netflix Premium for free.

Here’s how eligibility breaks down, including both plan names and how many lines are required.

Netflix Basic

  • Go5G (multi-line)
  • Go5G Military (multi-line)
  • Go5G 55 (multi-line)
  • Go5G First Responder (multi-line)
  • Magenta (multi-line)
  • G05G Next (single-line)
  • Go5G Plus (single-line)
  • Magenta MAX (single-line)

Netflix Standard

  • Go5G Next (multi-line)
  • Go5G Next Military (multi-line)
  • Go5G Next 55 (multi-line)
  • Go5G Next First Responder (multi-line)
  • Go5G Plus (multi-line)
  • G05G Plus Military (multi-line)
  • Go5G Plus 55 (multi-line)
  • Go5G Plus First Responder (multi-line)
  • Magenta MAX (multi-line)

How to activate Netflix on T-Mobile

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Once you’ve signed up for a T-Mobile plan, you still have to activate your Netflix add-on to gain access.

Activate on the T-Mobile app

The easiest way to activate your free Netflix is by using the carrier’s app. Download it to your phone, then follow these steps:

  • Log in with your T-Mobile ID and select the Accounts tab at the top.
  • Choose Add-Ons from any line on your account and select Manage Data and Add-Ons.
  • Scroll down to Services and choose your desired Netflix subscription. You may be able to upgrade your tier if you’re willing to pay.
  • Tap Continue, then Agree for the following notification.
  • Review the summary of your chosen plan and tap Agree and Submit.
  • Select Go to Netflix, and log into an existing Netflix account or create one.
  • When asked, confirm your Netflix plan and tap Continue.
  • Select Start Watching.

Activate on My T-Mobile

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Whether or not you’re hoping to stream from a computer, you might prefer activating via the web. In that case, head to the My T-Mobile website and follow these instructions:

  • Log in with your T-Mobile ID and select View Account > Shared Add-ons > Manage add-ons.
  • Scroll to the Services section, select a Netflix tier, then click Continue. Remember, you may be able to upgrade your tier if you’re willing to pay.
  • Click Agree on the notification, then Agree and Submit.
  • Click Go to Netflix. At, log into an existing Netflix account or create one.
  • Confirm the Netflix plan you want and click Continue.
  • Click Start Watching.


Yes, but since all of the qualifying plans have unlimited data anyway, it’s a moot point.

Yes, as long you’re talking about a Go5G 55 plan or a discounted Magenta subscription.

No, you can link your current account as long as you sign into it during the activation process above. Your billing info will switch over to T-Mobile.